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What is the ABC?
Our formal title is the New Zealand Audit Bureau of Circulation Inc.
We're here to provide accurate and up-to-date circulation figures to advertisers, advertising agencies, publishers and the public.
These audit figures cover over 300 publications, including all paid daily and weekly newspapers, virtually all community newspapers plus a large number of New Zealand published magazines.

What does circulation measure?
Circulation measures how many copies of a publication, on average, are actually circulating which are of value to an advertiser.

Why should publishers support the ABC?
The ABC is an independent organisation administered by the various media members; newspapers, magazines and community newspapers.
Being a member of the ABC helps publishers sell advertising space. What's more, an ABC audit is easy and inexpensive.
An ABC audited figure will give your publication credibility.
It assures your customers that your circulation figures have been collected in accordance with the rules and guidelines of the ABC and are accurate.
Having ABC audited circulation figures shows advertisers and agencies that you comply with industry standards and have nothing to hide.

Why should Advertisers and Agencies support the ABC?
You can rely on an ABC audited circulation figure.
All publications that belong to the ABC are required to follow the ABC rules and guidelines which provide results to an industry standard.
The figures are provided in a timely and accessible way through the Summary of Audited Circulation. Results are publicly available on the ABC web site -www.abc.org.nz.
When you are making media choices for your clients campaigns, an ABC audited circulation figure is an essential part of the planning process.

Who can belong to the ABC?
All publisher members of individual trade associations are recommended to audit their publications.
These associations include; The Magazine Publishers Association (MPA), the Newspaper Publishers Association (NPA),
and the Community Newspapers Association (CNA).
Each publication (title) joins separately under the publishers name and certain criteria need to be met.
Information about membership is obtained directly from the ABC.

How do I contact the ABC?
The central administration office of the ABC is in Auckland.
Direct enquiries to:
Executive Officer
Audit Bureau of Circulations

Physical Location:
C/-News Works Office
39 Market Place

PO Box 2941
Auckland 1140

+64 9 306 1646

Magazines: abc@mms.net.nz

Audit Procedure
Once applications have been approved publishers will be contacted by either an ABC Newspaper
Administration or ABC Magazine Administration.
They will provide specific information relative to the process of the auditing system.

Who does the Audit?
The audit must be completed and signed off by either an approved chartered accountant or alternately the ABC appointed auditor who has relevant experience.
The publisher submits their auditor of choice to the ABC who in turn has a process of approval for that selected auditor.
Specific rules and guideline are set down for the auditor to agree to and this agreement becomes part of the approval process.

What does it cost a publisher?
Audit costs do vary, however they are inexpensive compared to the value derived.

Can I join mid audit period?
The ABC administration office can explain all this detail to you.