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1. Name
2. Objectives
3. Membership
4. Membership Classification
5. Membership Insignia
6. Committee
7. Executive Officer
8. Officers
9. Meetings
10. Voting
11. Termination of Membership
12. Reinstatement of Membership
13. Change of Rules
14. Finances, Fees and Levies
15. Circulation Audit Procedures
16. Audit Reports
17. Circulation Summaries
18. Statements by Members
19. Website
20. Common Seal
21. Copyright in Material
22. Notices
23. Appointment of Liquidators


1. Introduction
2. Scope Of The Audit
3. Circulation Audit Periods
4. Circulation Auditor Duties
5. Circulation Audit Report Figures
  a. Newspapers
(daily, non daily and weekly)

  b. Magazines
  c. Community Newspapers
  d. Bulk Distribution

3. Membership

3.1.  Membership may be granted to

3.1.1. Any publisher of a publication distributed in New Zealand with a circulation capable of being audited in accordance with the Rules of the Bureau.
3.1.2. any advertiser or advertising agency; and
3.1.3. The Association of New Zealand Advertisers Inc and their members from time to time shall be deemed to be members of the Bureau upon payment of the fee determined by the Committee in accordance with clause 14.1.
3.2.  An applicant for membership who is a publisher shall:

3.2.1. nominate in writing the publication or publications to be represented by the membership sought and provide a copy of the publication/s to the Bureau;
3.2.2. maintain separate membership to represent each publication with a circulation audited in accordance with the Rules of the Bureau; and
3.2.3. pay the applicable fees and/or levies determined pursuant to these Rules in respect of each separate membership of the Bureau.

3.3.  Membership as a publisher in respect of each publication is conditional upon the establishment and maintenance of such records as the Committee may reasonably require to ensure the proper auditing of that publication's circulation in accordance with these Rules.

3.4.  All applications for membership shall be forwarded with such documentation and fees as deemed appropriate by the committee from time to time.

3.5.  The committee empowers the Executive Director of the MPA or the Executive Officer of the NPA to accept membership on behalf of the bureau subject to the rules provided.

3.6.  If membership is refused the Committee shall return to the applicant any fee which accompanied the application.

3.7.  The Committee empowers the ABC Executive Officer, or nominated person, to advise in writing each applicant of its election to membership, the class to which that member has been elected, the publication to which the membership relates (where relevant), and the date upon which the membership commenced. Upon election the applicant shall be bound by these Rules.

3.8.  All member publications are required to submit a completed, externally audited, audit report to the Bureau for the first applicable full audit period that occurs following confirmation of their membership with the ABC unless an exemption is granted by the ABC Committee. Magazine publishers must refer to Section 2. No 3 Audit Periods.