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1. Name
2. Objectives
3. Membership
4. Membership Classification
5. Membership Insignia
6. Committee
7. Executive Officer
8. Officers
9. Meetings
10. Voting
11. Termination of Membership
12. Reinstatement of Membership
13. Change of Rules
14. Finances, Fees and Levies
15. Circulation Audit Procedures
16. Audit Reports
17. Circulation Summaries
18. Statements by Members
19. Website
20. Common Seal
21. Copyright in Material
22. Notices
23. Appointment of Liquidators


1. Introduction
2. Scope Of The Audit
3. Circulation Audit Periods
4. Circulation Auditor Duties
5. Circulation Audit Report Figures
  a. Newspapers
(daily, non daily and weekly)

  b. Magazines
  c. Community Newspapers
  d. Bulk Distribution

4. Membership Classification

4.1.  For the purposes of these Rules publisher members are classified as follows:

4.1.1.  Newspapers (classified as follows):

(a)  Daily newspapers: a newspaper that is published at least six days a week;

(b)  Non-daily newspapers: Newspapers published less frequently than daily but more than weekly, but not including community newspapers;

(c)  Weekly newspapers: Newspapers published on a regular weekly basis; or

(d)  Community newspapers: Newspapers which have a reasonable content of local news and advertising as determined by the Committee and which are not representative of any trade and published more frequently than monthly. Community newspapers that are obvious supplements of daily newspapers are not eligible for this category, even if delivered free into all households.

4.1.2.  Magazines (classified as follows):

(a)  magazines or periodicals published regularly and offered for sale through recognised channels including by directed circulation or distributed free of charge to the recipient in any manner recognised by the Committee; and
(b)  published principally for the readers' interest; and

(c)  accept paid advertisements; and

(d)  are distributed by one or more of the following methods:

(i)  paid sales of single copies;

(ii)  bulk sales of multiple copies;

(iii)  directed circulation;

(iv)  free bulk distribution (where a proportion of a magazine's circulation is distributed in this manner).

NOTE: The following publications are not defined as magazines for the purposes of these rules:

(i)  publications distributed internally within any business or organisation as in house or staff publications; or

(ii)  publications published primarily for the advertising of products or services produced or sold by the publishers or the principals of members.

4.1.3.  Bulk distribution publications: Publications of any frequency where distribution in bulk follows a consistent regular pattern and where adequate auditable records of that distribution are maintained. There is no requirement of transmission after delivery to the distribution point.

4.1.4.  Bulk distribution publications cannot use the term "Average Net Circulation" or 'Net Circulation' They must use the term 'Average Bulk Distribution' as shown on the ABC website.