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1. Name
2. Objectives
3. Membership
4. Membership Classification
5. Membership Insignia
6. Committee
7. Executive Officer
8. Officers
9. Meetings
10. Voting
11. Termination of Membership
12. Reinstatement of Membership
13. Change of Rules
14. Finances, Fees and Levies
15. Circulation Audit Procedures
16. Audit Reports
17. Circulation Summaries
18. Statements by Members
19. Website
20. Common Seal
21. Copyright in Material
22. Notices
23. Appointment of Liquidators


1. Introduction
2. Scope Of The Audit
3. Circulation Audit Periods
4. Circulation Auditor Duties
5. Circulation Audit Report Figures
  a. Newspapers
(daily, non daily and weekly)

  b. Magazines
  c. Community Newspapers
  d. Bulk Distribution

6. Committee

6.1.  The control and management of the Bureau shall be vested in a Committee consisting of twelve (12) members, each of such members to be appointed for a term of twelve (12) months.

6.2.  The members of the Committee shall be appointed from the members as follows:

6.2.1. Six (6) publisher members of the daily and non-daily newspaper publishers (appointed by the Newspaper Publishers Association of New Zealand Inc);

6.2.2. One (1) publisher member of the community newspaper publishers (appointed by community newspaper publisher members);

6.2.3. Three (3) publisher members of the magazine publishers (appointed by the Magazine Publishers Association of New Zealand Inc);

6.2.4. Two (2) advertiser members (appointed by the Association of New Zealand Advertisers Inc).

6.3.  In the event of any vacancy occurring during the course of each twelve-month term the organisation which has appointed the person concerned has the right to appoint a replacement and the person so appointed shall hold office until the Annual General Meeting following his/her appointment.

6.4.  Any member of the Committee shall have power to appoint in writing a proxy from the membership of the Bureau with full power to act for and on his/her behalf at any meeting of the Committee.

6.5.  If any association or group fails to appoint the requisite number of members to the Committee, the other members of the Committee may appoint a member or members to fill such vacancy or vacancies.

6.6.  A quorum of the Committee shall consist of five (5) members of the Committee present either in person or proxy. This 5 must include at least one (1) member of the MPA and NPA. (The actual participants in the audit have to be at such a meeting). The Committee may determine to hold such meetings via conference call/skype should the need arise.

6.7.  The members of the Committee may act notwithstanding any vacancy but if the number falls below five (5) the remaining members of the Committee shall not act other than for the purpose of filling vacancies.

6.8.  The Committee shall have full power to originate, discuss and decide all questions relating to the business of the Bureau except those questions which must be determined by an Annual General or Special Meeting.

6.9.  Meetings of the Committee shall be held at such times as the Chair of the Committee thinks fit or as shall be determined by a majority of the members of the Committee.

6.10.  The Committee may delegate any of its functions to Sub-committees of such member or members as are determined at a meeting of the Committee.